So Your Family is Building a Custom Home?

When you’ve made the decision to build a new home instead of buying an existing one, get ready for an exciting and stressful time. This decision is quite a commitment and though it will be a rewarding experience it will only go smooth if you plan ahead and follow some helpful tips.

Unlike buying an existing home, new home construction means starting from scratch and this can cause many homeowners to be overly anxious since they will want everything to be perfect. Being patient during the building process will help tame your nerves and allow you to focus on the tasks at hand.

The first tip for any new home builder is to know you’ve made the best decision when it comes to contractors. In addition to having the experience and references to convince you they are qualified for the job you also want to know that you can communicate with the builder of your new home. Custom homes involve valuable input from the owner so the home vision can become a reality and this means being on the same page with the builder. If you don’t communicate properly with your builder things can get off track pretty quick and then you may end up having to cancel the project. Avoid any miscommunication with your contractor by getting to know them first and then deciding if they are right for the job.

Being involved is another good tip. Chances are you have a full-time job and can’t be on the site as often as you want but being able to stop be periodically will help keep you informed about what’s being done to your house and what stage it is at. Stopping by now and then to inquire about progress is your right since you’re the one paying for it. The more you know about the construction of the home, including plumbing, gas lines and electrical wiring so you can be better prepared should the day come when you want to do repairs or remodeling. Some homeowners choose to remain blissfully unaware when it comes to the details of the home but when it’s a custom home you should be familiar with as much as possible.

As construction is underway there may be times when you want to change something about the layout. This isn’t unusual and with new home construction it’s actually quite frequent a new homeowner will want something changed once they see how it is taking shape. It’s a good plan to set up regular progress reports with the contact person for your new home, this way you can put a halt to something you’re not 100% sure of.



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