Central Texas Designs is a small design firm serving homeowners and builders in the Central Texas area. We are a full service design company located in the heart of Belton and a proud member of both the Temple and Killeen Home Builders Associations. All of our plans included a detailed floor plan, exterior elevations, electrical plan, cabinet elevations *foundation plan and any sections and details required.

With our Computer Aided Design software and a systematic design process, we are able to produce complete and precise working drawings. Through the use of this software you will be able to see your house take shape and be able to compare design options such as roof pitch, room sizes and ceiling heights. As you will discover, our thirty- one years of combined experience enables us to produce a well designed home that could cost you less to build.

At Central Texas Designs  we understand the time and budget constraints you may have to work under. That is why from the first visit to the site until completion of the project we will work closely with you alleviate these concerns. Unlike mail order plans, if you make a last minute design change you can bring the revision to us and we will make changes quickly and correctly to keep your home on schedule.

At Central Texas Designs we believe our job is to help the client get what they want – their dream home – after all, when the house is built it is the client who will live in the home and pay the mortgage… not the designer. Should you have any questions about the services we provide, please feel free to call us at (254) 939-6550.

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